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updated 30 October, 2014

Please note we only add proposed releases to this list when all the details are known. It does not include all our future recordings.
All samples are copyright of divine art ltd and its associate companies and the artists, and are to be used for preview only. Copying and other unauthorised use prohibited.

chris fox
Christopher Fox

metier msv 28551
Christopher Fox - vocal works with electronics

Christopher Fox, as evidenced by his several recordings for Metier, and indeed other labels, has one of the most distinctive, creative and innovative voices in music today;this new album will feature works for voice and electronics with soprano Elizabeth Hilliard. Expected release date around spring 2015

divine art
audio sample to follow
Caroline Clemmow & Anthony Goldstone


divine art dda 25125
Schubert: Unauthorized Piano Duos, vol. 3

Goldstone and Clemmow continue to amaze. Here we have piano duo versions of the 'Death and the Maiden' Quartet by the well known lieder composer Robert Franz and even better, the transcription of the Uninfished Symphony. Unauthorized but authentic - including also a completion by Anthony Goldstone of Schubert's sketches for the third movement.


divine art
audio sample to follow
Terence Charlston


divine art dda 25122
'The Harmonious Thuringian'

The odd title refers to the instrument on this new harpsichord recital by Terence Charlston - a perfect replica of the famous Thuringian instrument housed in the Eisanach Bachhaus. Works by Bach and Handel and ten composers of the late 17th century to demonstrate the high quality of much 'forgotten' baroque music and the awesome and unique qualities of this fine instrument.



divine art

Murray McLachlan
David Ellis
(photo by Teresa Dietrich)

divine art dda 25119
'Concert Music' - works for string orchestra by David Ellis

David Ellis has been a major figure in British music for 50 years, primarily as conductor and musical director, latterly one of the country's foremost record producers, and for many years head of music for BBC North. These works for string orchestra are rich and expressive, very much in the English tradition and fine examples of the genre, performed by four of Manchester's enviable tally of fine ensembles. To be officially released in November 2014 but you can get it here now!

divine art

Ruth Wilkinson
(photo: MAMO Photography)



divine art dda 25124
Handel's Recorder

A charming and listener friendly program of the popular and well loved recorder sonatas by George Frideric Handel, of which we have four here. A special rarity is the chamber arrangement of Handel's 'Fireworks Music'. Splendid performances by three of Australia's leading early-music specialists, Ruth Wilkinson (recorder), Miriam Morris (viola da gamba) and John O'Donnell (Harpsichord)


divine art
mary dullea
Nicholas Marshall


metier MSV 28552
Nicholas Marshall: Songs and Chamber Music

A further instalment in our series of modern lyrical chamber music comes a lovely and charming program of songs and chamber works by Nicholas Marshall, performed by tenor James Gilchrist, recorderist John Turner, cellist Tim Smedley and Harvey Davies (piano and harpsichord) and the Manchester Chamber Ensemble, which should be in the shops around April 2015.


divine art
preview mp3: The White Birds (extract)
Assi Karttunen
Assi Karttunen
photo by Heikki Tuuli



divine art dda 25120
Couperin & Lynch: Harpsichord Works

Established masterworks for the harpsichord by François Couperin and new pieces by Graham Lynch create a balanced and reflective programme delivered by the FInnish harpsichord virtuoso Assi Karttunen.
Release due February 2015



divine art
preview mp3: 'Dance' from Petenera by G. Lynch
Jill Crossland
Peter Sheppard Skærved


athene ath 23203
Great Violins, vol. 1 - Telemann

A major new series of both musical and historical importance with violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved and which is being supported by the Library of Congress and several major museums and institutions. Peter plays some of the rarest and most sublime instruments in existence beginning with a 1560 Andrea Amati a very small and difficult instrument, playing the 24 Violin and Flute Fantasies. Volume 2 (J S Bach) will showcase the 1698 'Joachim' Stradivari.


divine art
preview mp3: Fantasia for Violin No. 3
P Seivewright
Richard Craig



metier msv 28540
Contemporary flute music

Leading specialist in new music for flute, Richard Craig, has a new album on the way following the release of his 'Inward' (msv 28517), this time the works include also string trio and soprano voice, in works by James Dillon, John Croft, Fabrice Fitch, Richard Barrett, Esaias Järnegard and Brice Pauset.

All these works are receiving their first recording.



divine art
sound sample to follow

John Jeffreys
Mary Dullea




metier msv 28549
Piano Music from Ireland
The very talented Mary Dullea in her third CD this autumn, presents piano music from a group of Irish composers all deserving wider recognition. This is not just piano music but truly amazing material in several styles.





divine art
preview mp3: 'Tease' by Frank Lyons (extract)
Mathias Reumert



metier msvdx 102 (DVD)

An amazing DVD - quite possibly the first commercial DVD to feature contemproary solo percussion music - features the incredibly talented Danish percussionist Mathias Reumert in works by Ferneyhough, Henze, Jodlowski, Xenakis, Donatoni and Globokar...a visual feast and artistically directed film as well as gripping music.

Scheduled for release around November/December. spring 2015

divine art
audio sample to follow

Ulrich Heinen
Ian Pace

metier msv 28518
Brian Ferneyhough - Piano Music

Following the success and critical praise for our recent CDs of chamber and choral music by Ferneyhough, we here have some of his outstanding and awesomely complex piano works, played by Ian Pace (pictured). This disc has been delayed by matters out of our hands but we hope to schedule it for early 2014.

divine art
sound sample to follow

Luke Whitlock

divine art dda 25121
Luke Whitlock - Chamber Music

A programme of new works in lyrical and post-romantic style by British comppser Luke Whitlock incuding his Flute Sonata, Suite Antique and pieces for WInd Trio, performed by Duncan Honeybourne (solo piano), Anna Stokes (flute), James Meldrum (Clarient) Vicky Crowell (bassoon) and Waiyin Lee (piano), scheduled for release in February 2015.


divine art
sound sample to follow
Peter Sheppard Skærved and Aaron Shorr

metier msvcd 2008
Beethoven: The Eroica for Piano Quartet

Amazingly powerful transcription of the Third Symphony for piano quartet, made at Beethoven's request by an unknown hand: but certainly someone very close to him. Sixth in our series of 'Beethoven Explored' featuring regulars violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved and pianist Aaron Shorr and joined by violist Dov Scheindlin and cellist Neil Heyde.

Due for release early 2015


divine art
preview mp3: 4th movement (beginning)
Gilbert ROwland
Gilbert Rowland



divine art dda 21225 (2CD)
Handel - Suites for Harpsichord, vol. 3

The completion of the new complete recording of Handel's Harpsichord Suites, by Gilbert Rowland. The previous volumes have been highly praised. Due for release around spring 2015.



divine art
preview mp3: Suite in B flat, HWV452 - Gigue

Christopher Redgate

metier msv 28531
New Music for a New Oboe, vol. 2

In addition to the Electrifying Oboe album mentioned above, Christopher Redgate has two further albums: the first msv28529 Issued mid 2013 featured two epic new works by Michael Finnissy and Edwin Roxburgh, the second msv28531 will include new pieces by Richard Barrett and Sam Hayden and other brand new compositions. These albums also feature two brand new instruments: the Howarth-Redgate oboe and the Lupophon, so should be of interest to all oboists.

divine art
sound sample to follow

Burkard Schliessmann

divine art ddc 25751 (SACD)
Keyboard music by J S Bach

We welcome renowned pianist Burkard Schliessmann for his first recording with Divine Art, featuring a recital of famous works by Bach, including the Italian Concerto, Partita No. 2 and three 'Fantasy & Fugue' pieces all with Schliessmann's refreshing, unaffected and distinctive interpretation. To be released in the stores early 2015 as a hybrid SACD in five-channel sound - but totally compatible with normal CD players - and available here now.

divine art

Peter Seivewright

divine art dda 25103
Galuppi: Piano Sonatas, vol. 4

It's quite a while since volume 3 of this series was issued, and this one recorded. The pianist has had a rather busy time performing around the world, but this long-awaited disc is now scheduled for early 2015


divine art
sound sample to follow

Lucia Micallef


divine art dda 25128
J S Bach: Keyboard Concertos

A highlight of our current series of baroque music recordings, this is a superb account of four Keyboard Concertos (BWV 1052, 1054, 1056 and 1058) performed by the brilliant pianist Lucia Micallef, with the European Union Chamber Orchestra conducted by Brian Schembri. Scheduled for release around May 2015.


divine art
preview mp3: F minor Concerto, BWV1056 - 1st movement (extract)
carson Cooman
Carson Cooman


divine art dda 25127
"Masque" - organ music by Carson Cooman

We continue our Cooman series with a second magnificent album of organ music played by Erik Simmons which includes Cooman's complete Preludes and Fugues and the major Organ Symphony. The previous disc 'Litany' was described as 'a benchmark recording' and this is a fine sequel. To be released around April 2015.


divine art
preview mp3:Prelude and Fugue No. 5 - Fugue (extract)

Christopher Wright


metier msv 28547
"Pandora's Last Gift"

In the Metier 'New British Lyrical Music" unoffical series, this is a very fine program of works by Christopher Wright, whose work is being highly promoted by leading orchestras and instrumentalists especially in the UK. - two CDs of his music (String Quartets, Cello Concerto), are likely to be issued by Lyrita this year.

Very well constructed and rounded, the music here deals with the metaphorical challenges in life from a virtual Pandora's Box: places and experiences the composer has found inspiring: and the last gift: Hope.

A cast of leading soloists from Manchester England which is becoming one of the leading hotbeds of music, Including Metier/Divine Art regulars Lesley-Jane Rogers, Richard Howarth, John Turner, Tim Smedley and Elizabeth Jordan.

divine art

David Gorton



metier msv 28550
'Orfordness' - New chamber works by David Gorton

A sequel to Gorton's excellent 'Trajectories' (MSVCD92104) this album has four extended works each very different, from the eerily descriptive 'Orfordness' (piano solo with taped USAF messages about a UFO sighting' to the 2nd Cello Sonata, the oboe showpiece 'Austerity Measures' and another location-based work 'Fosdyke Wash' Top soloists include Christopher Redgate, Neil Heyde and Kreutzer Quartet and we welcome exciting Australian pianist Zubin Kanga.

divine art
preview mp3: Austerity Measures (extract)
Rhodes & Smith
Paul Rhodes & Kenneth Smith

divine art dda 21223 (2CD)
British Flute Masterpieces
We welcome back flautist Kenneth Smith and pianist Paul Rhodes for a tour de force of music including several major Sonatas. This album is a sequel to Flute Vocalise (DDV24156) and The Expressive Voice of the Flute (DDA21222) both of which have received critical acclaim and are just wonderful!

Due for release mid 2015.

divine art
preview mp3: Lennox Berkeley: Sonatina (extract)

Kate Halsall
Photo by Matt Wilson

metier msv 77205 (2CD)
Miniaturised Concertos

... is a series of experimental double piano concertos, commissioned by pianist Kate Halsall, exploring the roles of the traditional double concerto, working with electroacoustics, film, ensemble, extended techniques and duo, to create large scale effects from small forces.Five leading new music composers contribute, plus short 'Maché' sketches by ten more experimental composers. Spring 2015 release.



divine art
preview mp3: Colin Riley: Hanging in the Balance (extract)