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updated February 13, 2016

Please note we only add proposed releases to this list when all the details are known. It does not include all our future recordings.
All samples are copyright of divine art ltd and its associate companies and the artists, and are to be used for preview only. Copying and other unauthorised use prohibited.


Lord Olivier

divine art
heritage media hmd 26205-13
"Theatre Royal", volumes 1-9

Superb vintage radio drama first broadcast by the BBC (UK) and NBC (USA) in the 50s. Nine 2-CD sets, all with four or five classic dramas adapted from great literary works from America, Britain, Russia and France. Laurence Olivier and many other top actors. BUY HERE

preview mp3:
Orson Wells as Hermann in Pushkin's Queen of Spades (extract)
MARCH 2016 (avaialable from the online store now!)

Cor Cantiamo

divine art
divine art dda 25133

A terrific program of choral works stretching from the middle baroque to the current decade, and ranging from solemn pieces to spirituals. Each piece is inspired or based on a psalm. Performed by Illinois-based Cor Cantiamo, directed by Eric Johnson this album is a real delight and is being made in partnership with SDG Music Foundation as part of the SDG Psalms Project.

preview mp3:
Gavin Bryars : Psalm 141 (extract)

divine art
metier msv 28556
'Dancing in Daylight' -
Piano Trios from Ireland

New chamber works from Seoirse Bodley, John Buckley, Rhona Clarke and Fergus Johnston are played by the accomplished Fidelio Trio.


preview mp3:
Buckley Trio - 3rd movement (extract)

Karin de Fleyt (photo by Paul Cliff)

divine art
metier msv 28555
'Hohler Fels' - contemporary music for flute

We welcome Belgian flutist Karin de Fleyt to the ranks of Divine Artists with a pioneering program of works by Stockhausen, Christopher Fox, Rolf Gehlhaar and Paul Goodey for flute with orchestra or chamber ensemble.


preview mp3:
Hohler Fels Flute concerto
by Paul Goodey - extract
Christopher Redgate
Philip Wood
(photo: Kath Goodwin)

divine art
divine art dda 25131
Philip Wood - Songs and Chamber Music

Our traversal of contemporary but lyrical and appoachable music hosted by both Metier and Divine Art labels continues with an anthology of works by Dr Philip Wood, splendidly tuneful works full of Romantic and impressionist elements so always full of interest. Top soloists include James Bowman, Lesley-Jane Rogers, John Turner, Harvey Davies and Jonathan Price with Manchester Camerata.

preview mp3:
When as the Rye (from 'Five Spring Songs'
APRIL 2016

Clare Lesser

divine art
metier msv 28557
Michael Finnissy - 'Singular Voices'

Our Finnissy series continues with a set of vocal works, presented by the amazing voice of Clare Lesser, with piano or clarinet (David Lesser and Carl Rosman respectively). This album is due to be released in April 2016. Includes several of Finnissy's numbered 'Song' series and the Beuk of Newcassel Sangs.

preview mp3:
Same as We (extract)

Diana Boyle - photo by Peter Kain

divine art
divine art dda 21227 (2CD)

W. A. Mozart - Piano Sonatas

Diana Boyle plays Mozart with a fresh, warm approach which gives new life and perspective to even the best known of these works. A generous well filled pair of discs to be released early in 2016.

preview mp3:
Sonata in G major, K.283, 1st movement (extract)
kate halsall
Kate Halsall
Photo by Matt Wilson

divine art
metier msv 77205 (2CD)
Miniaturised Concertos

... is a series of experimental double piano concertos, commissioned by pianist Kate Halsall, exploring the roles of the traditional double concerto, working with electroacoustics, film, ensemble, extended techniques and duo, to create large scale effects from small forces. Five leading new music composers contribute, plus 'Maché' musical collages by ten more experimental composers. 2016 release.

preview mp3:

Colin Riley: Hanging in the Balance (extract)

chris fox
Peter Sheppard Skærved

divine art
athene ath 23205
Great Violins, volume 2 - the Bull Amati

Ole Bull was a celebrated, almost legendary, Norwegian violinist. After his death his prized Nicolo Amati was lost into private collections, but has been located after well over a hundred years. Peter Sheppard Skærved plays this amazing instrument (made when Stradivarius was a pupil of Amati) in a reconstruction of one of Bull's recitals - historically invaluable. Scheduled for summer/autumn 2016.

audio sample to follow

chris fox
Christopher Fox

divine art
metier msv 28551
New vocal works with electronics

Christopher Fox, as evidenced by his several recordings for Metier, and indeed other labels, has one of the most distinctive, creative and innovative voices in music today;this new album will feature works by Fox and other leading composers for voice and electronics with soprano Elizabeth Hilliard. Expected release date around spring 2016.

audio sample to follow

Piano à Deux

divine art
divine art dda 25132
'France Revisited' - music for piano duo
Piano à Deux

New 'Divine Artists' but with a long and successful career, Robert Stoodley and Linda Ang Stoodley are "Piano à Deux" and present a suitably Gallic programme of Debussy, Poulenc and Georges Onslow - music both very familiar and refreshingly new. Due for release in mid-2016.

audio sample to follow

Lydia Kakabadse

divine art
divine art dda 25135
'Cantica Sacra' -
sacred choral music by Lydia Kakabadse

Lydia Kakabadse is an English composer of Russian/Georgian/Greek lineage and writes beautifully tonal/modal music with strong middle-eastern influences. Four major works are performed by the Alumni of the Choir of Clare College Cambridge. Due for release mid- 2016.

preview mp3:

Cantica Sacra: Angelus

Peter Hope

divine art
divine art dda 25137
Music for Wind Instruments by
Peter Hope

"Unashamedly tonal", says the composer who has been famed since the 60s for lighter music and studio arrangements. This new album of more 'arty' works includes four luscious wind sonatas. Due for release late 2016.

audio sample to follow

richard craig
James Weeks

divine art
metier msv 28559
James Weeks: Signs of Occupation

Avant-garde modernism from a master of the genre, with thought-provoking vocal, instrumental and chamber works related to the word and our place in it.
Due for release September 2016.

preview mp3:

Common Ground (extract)

Roy Heaton Smith

divine art
divine art dda 21228 (2CD)
'Opening the Door' music by Roy Heaton Smith

Roy Heaton Smith died recently, so this album is now also our tribute to a very accomplished composer who did not receive adequate worldwide attention despite the quality of his work. Vocal and chamber music of great depth ranging from the every 'traditional' more complex harmonic textures Due for release in the summer of 2016.

preview mp3:

Passacaglia for string quartet (conclusion)
richard craig
Richard Craig

divine art
metier msv 28540
Contemporary flute music

Leading specialist in new music for flute, Richard Craig, has a new album on the way following the release of his 'Inward' (msv 28517), this time the works include also string trio and soprano voice, in works by James Dillon, John Croft, Fabrice Fitch, Richard Barrett, Esaias Järnegard and Brice Pauset.

All these works are receiving their first recording.

audio sample to follow

Tamami Honma

divine art
divine art dda 21901
Beethoven: the Complete Piano Sonatas

All 32 sonatas in a 9CD box, performed by Tamami Honma, will be one of our priority releases for later in 2016.

While core repertoire is not our main priority, sometimes an interpreter comes along with fresh perspectives as well as technical skill, and we hear 'the divine art of music' in reality.



audio sample to follow

Ian PAce
Ian Pace

divine art
metier msv 28518
Brian Ferneyhough - Piano Music

Following the success and critical praise for our recent CDs of chamber and choral music by Ferneyhough, we here have some of his outstanding and awesomely complex piano works, played by Ian Pace (pictured). This disc has been delayed by matters out of our hands but we hope to schedule it for early 2016.

audio sample to follow

Gilbert Rowland

divine art
ath 23205
Johann Mattheson - Harpsichord Suites

His 3-volume series of Handel's harpsichord
suites completed to great critical acclaim, Gilbert Rowland turns to the much lesser known but very skilled German composer Mattheson for a new 2-CD set of harpsichord suites for release around the end of 2016.


audio sample to follow
Christopher Redgate
Christopher Redgate

divine art
metier msv 28531
New Music for a New Oboe, vol. 2

The first 'New Oboe' disc, msv28529, issued mid 2013, featured two epic new works by Michael Finnissy and Edwin Roxburgh, while the second, msv 28531, will include new pieces by Richard Barrett and Sam Hayden and other brand new compositions. These albums also feature two brand new instruments: the Howarth-Redgate oboe and the Lupophon, so should be of interest to all oboists.

sound sample to follow
peter seivewright
Peter Seivewright

divine art
divine art dda 25103
Galuppi: Piano Sonatas, vol. 4

It's quite a while since volume 3 of this series was issued, and this one recorded. The pianist has had a rather busy time performing around the world, but this long-awaited disc is now scheduled for 2016.


sound sample to follow