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Judith Bailey is a Cornish composer, whose music can be stark with deep emotional content; yet overall it is modern music with an inner joy and soul, always thoughtful and stimulating, which is extremely approachable and not in any way extreme. This is the first commercial recording of her work which should establish her reputation as a composer of exceptional talent.

playing time: 77.24
direct sale price:  £8.50
audio  sample:  Egloshayle Nightingale Trio,
op. 59 - Postlude
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String Quartet, op. 31
Clarinet Quintet, op. 47
The Towers of San Gimignano, op. 51
The Egloshayle Nightingale Trio, op. 59
Aquamarine Waltz, op. 65
Microminiature no. 1, op. 68
Microminiature no. 2, op. 70
Visions of Hildegard, op. 72
Light, op. 76

review extracts: for full reviews click here
“The Cornish composer Judith Bailey is succinct in her music. You would know that if she ever wrote a sixty minute symphony every note would count. Going by these works she is also of a serious bent yet with a light heart. The Davey Ensemble are accorded a powerful close-up sound. I am sure that Judith Bailey must be grateful to… the Davey Ensemble whose expertise and caring dedication has released this music to the listening world.” – Rob Barnett (MusicWeb)
“Bailey ... writes with a deft precision giving you the feeling that she really considers each note before putting it to paper.  Bailey sonically paints her pictures with an emotional core that shows real heartbeats pumping along.” - Chris Spector (MidWest Record)
“My congratulations go to all concerned. Everything with this release is very well presented: the composer's own notes on each piece giving plenty of useful and relevant information. It is interesting to see that the works are programmed in chronological order, and so one has a sense of ongoing growth and development. this is a well-performed programme of some highly intriguing music.” – Dominy Clements (MusicWeb)
“[Judith Bailey's] instrumental music occupies an important place in her musical output and is given the platform it deserves in this release. The performers are strong advocates for Bailey's music and they've been recorded in quite a pleasingly up-front sort of way. This is a fine and stimulating conspectus of Judith Bailey's chamber music.” – Jonathan Woolf (MusicWeb)