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Unknown piano gems written from 1906 to 1909 by the late-Romantic doyen of Russian early/mid 20th-century music, including the towering 25 Preludes, Op. 30, Mazurkas and Esquisses. Exquisite high Romantic music from a composer far better-known for his epic symphonies and orchestral works.

(previously released on Olympia)

vol. 1 Shostakovich & Comrades   vol. 2 - Vladimir Rebikov vol. 4 - Sergei Lyapunov    vol. 5 - Anton Arensky
vol. 6 - Sergei Rachmaninov   vol. 7 - Sergei Prokofiev    vol. 8 - Modest Mussorgsky
vol. 9 - Mieczyslaw Weinberg vol. 10 - Mieczyslaw Weinberg  vol. 11 - Galina Ustvolskaya
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CD DURATION:  69:02  

AUDIO SAMPLE: Esquisse No. 4






25 Preludes, Op. 30
3 Mazurkas, Op. 29
12 Esquisses, Op. 47

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“Memorable melodies ranging from the virtuosic to the intense to intimate . Anthony Goldstone's formidable playing is technically superb and articulate, revealing all the passion and colour in this little heard music.” – John Pitt (New Classics)

“It is clear from the very first bars that [Goldstone] is totally at ease with both the technical aspect of this far from simple music but more importantly the idiom of it too. Goldstone's particular musical skill is the way in which he pitches these performances so perfectly. [Glière's] natural gift for melody... makes his music thoroughly enjoyable. The recording suits the music well.... a most desirable series and one that I hope to hear more of.” – Nick Barnard (MusicWeb)
“I was bowled over by Anthony Goldstone's consummate artistry and sheer virtuosity in these multi faceted pieces... Fastidiously detailed notes and fine recordings complement what must be one of the highlights of piano recordings this year.” – Gerald Fenech (ClassicalNet – joint review of dda25081, 25083 and 25084)
“All of Goldstone's discs are highly satisfying, played with power and conviction.... his solo recordings are all of immense interest.” – Marius Dawn (Pianist)A Pianist Recommended Recording
“Expressively varied, cleverly crafted and thematically memorable works. Goldstone has the technique and the style to perform these works. The composer could hardly wish for a better advocate. Recommended? But of course.” – Barry Brenesal (Fanfare)
“This is a nice collection of CDs of the Russian piano repertoire... Anthony Goldstone is an interpreter we can't overlook. The repertoire he presents is not just special and precious, but also put forward with remarkable cultural intelligence. Goldstone convinces and charms us” – Riccardo Risaliti (Musica) – joint review of vols 2-5.
"Gliere is a hidden jewel of a composer. Saw this rarity on Amazon and jumped at it. The music is excellent." - B. Mason (Amazon customer)